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“If you want to be a better athlete, return to sport sooner or just be healthier for life, we exist with the primary aim of optimising your health and performance.”  John Nicolosi (Founder)

Our journey

About: Melbourne Athletic Development started a tiny warehouse as a one man band in 2013, but the whole time we have always held ourselves to the idea that we exist to provide a service you cannot get elsewhere. Firstly and most importantly, we care. But more than this, we are in the constant pursuit of what we can do better, what we can explore to enhance your health and performance, and as long as we exist, that won’t change.

We want the absolute best for your health and performance and we seek out the most qualified staff to deliver a service that is not easily obtained. Don’t expect an easy ride, we want what is your best, and sometimes that is much further than you thought was possible.   

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