Getting injured in sport, life or work is never the aim. For that reason our primary goal is to reduce pain, improve your function and return people back to their chosen activity as soon as possible.

Book in today to get back on track following your injury.


We work closely with you using state of the art equipment to Assess, Diagnose and Rehabilitate your injury to return you to activity as soon as possible


We work closely with you using state of the art equipment to design and implement a rehabilitation plan for your injury with the aim of returning you back to activity as soon as possible.

Sports Team Physiotherapy Coverage

We have extensive experience working with sporting clubs, schools and elite athletes in the sporting setting. We offered tailored physiotherapy coverage for your athletes in your setting.

Online Injury Reduction Programs

We have created online injury reduction plans for patients that cannot attend the clinic and complete in person training. Just because you are not in our location does not mean your training should suffer. Click to learn more 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my injury take to recover?

This is probably our most common question. Whilst some injuries have clearer timelines such as fracture healing, most injuries are caused by multiple factors. For this reason to allow you to fully recover and reduce your risk of re-injury the rehabilitation process requires addressing most if not all of these causative modifiable factors. These commonly include strength, flexibility or movement features that require improvement to reduce your risk of re-injury.

I’m in pain, is physio right for me?

Our approach and the approach of most physios is to address the immediate issue of pain initially. This is commonly done by applying manual therapy (hands-on treatment) and inflammatory and pain management techniques (compression, heat, cold or water therapies, medical input). The second phase of the rehabilitation process is to address the modifiable factors that caused the injury. As described above there may be several of these factors, for this reason, the rehabilitation process may require time for your body to adapt and improve.

My pain is gone, do I still need to come in for rehab?

Pain management is the first important part of the management of any injury. The second is to remove or reduce the modifiable factors that caused the injury. For this reason, continuing an extensive rehabilitation process to address these factors such as improving, strength, power, endurance, flexibility and movement mechanics, allow patients to be in the best position to reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

What are some of the common injuries that Melbourne Athletic Development Physiotherapists treat?

With experience working with patients across the general populace all the way to elite sport we have experience with many common presentations such as:


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