Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

It is clear that some injuries require surgery. But what is not always clear is that the majority of people will benefit from rehabilitation and physiotherapy input following surgery. Following surgery, a large number of patients are likely to have some post surgical pain, reductions in range of motion and changes in strength associated with the injury and the immobilisation following surgery. Given that the best course to full recovery is to address these changes, Melbourne Athletic Development and our physiotherapy team has devised a course of action following surgery that will assist with your return to full function.


Common Surgery Rehabilitation that we conduct:

  • Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacement
  • Shoulder Stabilisation and Reconstruction
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (Knee)
  • Muscle / Tendon Injury Surgery
  • Meniscus Surgery (Knee)
  • Achilles
  • Other Joint, Fracture and Orthopedic Surgery

Post Surgical Physiotherapy Approach

The approach at Melbourne Athletic Development typically follows a structure of:

  1. Pain Modification and immobilisation (sling/brace/reduced weight bearing) as appropriate for the surgery – This may include input from other health professionals and or exercise loading strategies for pain relief, including manual therapy and pain reducing interventions.
  2. Rehabilitation of deficits identified (Range of Motion, Strength, Speed, Power, Strength Endurance, Movement Bio-mechanics, Repeat Sprint Ability)
  3. Initiation of low intensity activity (as appropriate pool, bike, walking, activities of daily living)
  4. Modified return to previous activities
  5. Graded return to full high intensity activity as required


Considerations Around Surgery

The idea of surgery can be daunting and often is avoided by many people. However it is important to discuss your options with the relevant health professionals to understand your options and decide on the best course of action for you and your circumstances. There are certain injuries that respond best to surgical interventions so it is important at that point to focus on what you can do before and after surgery to maximise your chances of the most complete recovery you can make. We understand that decisions around surgery can be difficult, for this reason we are always open to discussing options with patients and referring them for well reasoned opinions with the relevant healthcare professionals (GP, Sports Physician, Surgeon, Psychologist etc).

For some more information and commentary on decision making see the following blog.

  1. Decision making and opportunity cost.


We work closely with you using state of the art equipment to Assess, Diagnose and Rehabilitate your injury to return you to activity as soon as possible


We work closely with you using state of the art equipment to design and implement a rehabilitation plan for your injury with the aim of returning you back to activity as soon as possible.

Sports Team Physiotherapy Coverage

We have extensive experience working with sporting clubs, schools and elite athletes in the sporting setting. We offered tailored physiotherapy coverage for your athletes in your setting.

Online Injury Reduction Programs

We have created online injury reduction plans for patients that cannot attend the clinic and complete in person training. Just because you are not in our location does not mean your training should suffer. Click to learn moreĀ 


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