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Melbourne Athletic Development
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Melbourne Athletic Development



Flexibility in rehabilitation and performance course - March 31st 2019.

This course is designed to develop skills to enhance the practitioners knowledge regarding both the assessment and treatment of movement, flexibility and mobility in relation to musculoskeletal injuries and management . For more information head to our education course page.

We have opened a satellite clinic operating out of Hammer’s Gym in Nunawading

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 Running Assessment and Speed Training Now Available.

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Integrated Health Approach

Sustainable health and athletic performance is built on a foundation of good preparation. Melbourne Athletic Development creates a specific integrated health plan to optimize your return from injury and performance. Combining principles from health, medicine and sports performance we offer a unique solution to your health. Our staff are professionals with education in health and sports performance, giving you the professional perspective of someone who is active and has participated in sport.


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From Jan 15, 2018 we will operate from 418 Johnston Street, Abbotsford.