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Flexibility in rehabilitation and performance

This course is designed to develop skills to enhance the practitioners knowledge regarding both the assessment and treatment of movement, flexibility and mobility in relation to musculoskeletal injuries and management.

In order to develop an understanding of the importance of these areas there will be discussions about the connective tissue system and its role within our conceptualisation of anatomy, the neurophysiological effects of flexibility modalities and an exploration of the numerous variables that impact range of movement. From this foundation, we can then develop a rationale for the examination and application of movement in rehabilitation and athletic development.

There will be a strong focus on practical demonstrations to allow participants to experience the effect of the movements and patterns discussed in addition to develop the competency to apply them clinically.

Case studies will also be covered to provide examples of the application of skills developed from the course to both simple and complex presentations.

The course will run over two days as follow:

Saturday, 25th May 12 - 6pm
Sunday, 26th May 10 - 4pm

About the presenter: Jack Williams

Jack currently works as a principal physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach at Melbourne Athletic Development in Abbotsford. He also works in a teaching and research role at La Trobe University.

Jack has completed formal studies in physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and yoga which has lead him to develop sound principles of exercise science in addition to being exposed to different approaches and perspectives for treating musculoskeletal and sporting conditions.

This process lead him to develop this course to share and educate health practitioners of the necessity of flexibility for treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and optimising athletic performance.

Academic background

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy

  • Ghatastha Yoga apprenticeship (3 years under the guidance of Duncan Ewing, Founder and Principle of Yoga Arts Academy)

  • Masters of Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning)

  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Level 2 Coach

  • Australian Weightlifting Federation Level 2 Coach

For more information contact Jack at:

Running Mechanics Workshop - Theory and practice for performance and injury.

This event aims to provide in depth understanding of the theory and practice of how to assess, apply and coach running mechanics in pursuit of improving performance and reducing injury. The content has been created to assist health professionals, sports preparation professionals and sports coaches with understanding running mechanics and its application to performance and injury.

Date: Sun. 14th April 2019. 9:30 am – 4:30 pm AEST

Location: Melbourne Athletic Development (418 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067)

Cost: $200 

Key Topics

  1. Understanding determinants and assessing acceleration and high speed running performance

  2. Application of training and mechanical principles in practice for improving acceleration and high speed running

  3. Practical running solutions for performance improvement

  4. Guidelines and methods for return to running following injury

Course Educator

Melbourne Athletic Development aims to be leaders in the pursuit of improved performance and injury management.

Founder, principle physiotherapist and speed coach, John Nicolosi, combines a background in track and field coaching (nationally ranked track sprinters 100-400m), physiotherapy and a master in exercise science to bring empirical experience as well as a wealth of theoretical understanding to this course.

The course is focused on delivering high level practical education of how to assess running, improve speed and reduce injuries.