Education Courses

Running Mechanics Workshop - Theory and practice for performance and injury.

This event aims to provide in depth understanding of the theory and practice of how to assess, apply and coach running mechanics in pursuit of improving performance and reducing injury. The content has been created to assist health professionals, sports preparation professionals and sports coaches with understanding running mechanics and its application to performance and injury.

Date: Sun. 16 September 2018. 9:30 am – 4:30 pm AEST

Location: Melbourne Athletic Development (418 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067)

Cost: $200 

Key Topics

  1. Understanding determinants and assessing acceleration and high speed running performance
  2. Application of training and mechanical prinicples in practice for improving acceleration and high speed running
  3. Practical running solutions for performance improvement
  4. Guidelines and methods for return to running following injury

Course Educator

Melbourne Athletic Development aims to be leaders in the pursuit of improved performance and injury management.

Founder, principle physiotherapist and speed coach, John Nicolosi, combines a background in track and field coaching (nationally ranked track sprinters 100-400m), physiotherapy and a master in exercise science to bring empirical experience as well as a wealth of theoretical understanding to this course.

The course is focused on delivering high level practical education of how to assess running, improve speed and reduce injuries.