Back Pain

Back Pain

Back Pain is one of the most common presentations that we encounter at Melbourne Athletic Development. The injury is an experience that is common amongst the general population as well as athletic and occupational populations. Whilst back pain can be daunting there is good evidence to demonstrate the that vast majority of back pain settles within a six week window and does not require surgery or significant medical input outside of pain relief strategies.

Back injuries carry common perceptions of long term debilitating pain and dysfunction, however for the vast majority of patients this is not the experience.

Treatment for Back Pain

The evidence is clear that the most effective and consistent improvement in back pain comes from the application of graded activity. This means that it is important to stay moving and aim to gradually return to a level of physical activity that is comfortable even when you have had back pain. Outside of the very initial period of pain, complete cessation of physical activity appears to exacerbate the duration of the back pain and slow the return to full function. With this in mind the approach at Melbourne Athletic Development typically follows a structure of:

  1. Pain Modification (This may include input from other health professionals)
  2. Initiation of low intensity activity (pool, bike, walking)
  3. Rehabilitation of deficits identified (Range of Motion, Strength, Endurance, Movement Bio-mechanics)
  4. Graded return to full activity

Contributors to Back Pain

Back pain can range from a purely mechanical injury (structural damage to a joint, muscle or vertebral structure such as a disk) or may be highly systemic in nature (typically caused by an inflammatory or infection type process). The good news is even in the most significant back injuries there are solutions that can be sought, the vast majority of which will respond well to physiotherapy, exercise, activity modification and general health optimisation. Outside of the presence of severe and worsening neurological symptoms (bladder/bowel issues, numbness or P+N in the legs and weakness of the lower limb), the majority of back pain will not require surgical review or treatment.

For some more information and commentary on back pain see the following blog.

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We work closely with you using state of the art equipment to Assess, Diagnose and Rehabilitate your injury to return you to activity as soon as possible


We work closely with you using state of the art equipment to design and implement a rehabilitation plan for your injury with the aim of returning you back to activity as soon as possible.

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We have extensive experience working with sporting clubs, schools and elite athletes in the sporting setting. We offered tailored physiotherapy coverage for your athletes in your setting.

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